Calls for Papers

Behavioral Sciences and the Law [Wiley; JCR Q2; SJR Q1; h-index: 70]

Special Issue: Measuring and Interpreting the Predictive Validity of Violence Risk Assessment



Child & Family Social Work  [Wiley; JCR Q2; h-index: 49]

Special Issue: Rediscovering Family and Kinship: New Directions for Social Work Theory, Policy and Practice



Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action [Johns Hopkins Press; SJR: Q2; h-index: 10]


Special Issue: Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action


Europe’s Journal of Psychology [h-index: 5]

Special Issue: Quality of Life in Social Science & Clinical Medicine



Family & Community Health [Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins; JCR: Q3; SJR: Q2; h-index: 37]


Special Issue: Faith-Based Initiatives to Promote Health


Health, Culture and Society [New journal; h-index: 1]



ABOUT THE JOURNAL:  Health, Culture and Society is an important contribution to the medical humanities and the social history of health. It will promote critical studies, disseminate important contemporary research and act as an international podium for the exchange of new ideas, strategies and practices.  The journal is geared towards an inter-disciplinary approach to issues of health, culture and society inviting contributions from  a diversity of fields.  The journal encourages original and funded research into regional developments which can impact upon the global image of health, society and culture.


International Journal of Disability, Community & Rehabilitation   [h-index: 6]


Special Issue: What Sorts of People Should There Be?

Guest Editor: Gregor Wolbring, Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, Dept. of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary


Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology  [APA; JCR: Q1; SJR: Q1; h-index: 285]

Special Issue: Advances in Data Analytic Methods for Evaluating Treatment Outcome and Mechanisms of Change



Journal of Experimental Psychology: General  (APA; SJR: Q1; h-index: 178]

Special Section: Topic of Dialogues With Neuroscience: Memory


Special Section on the Topic of Dialogues With Neuroscience: Memory


Journal of Family Psychology [APA; JCR: Q1; SJR: Q2; h-index: 98]

Special Section: Spirituality and Religion in Family Life



Journal of Family Social Work [Taylor & Francis; SJR: Q2; h-index: 15]

Special Issue: Understanding Kinship Care: Implications for Policy and Practice



Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association [Sage; SJR: Q2; h-index: 19]


Special Issue: Recovery-Oriented Practice in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing


Organization Studies [Sage; JCR: Q2; SJR: Q1; h-index: 143]

Special Issue: At a Critical Age: The Social and Political Organization of Age and Ageing



Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice [Sage; SJR: Q2; h-index: 23]



Public Health Reports [Elsevier; JCR: Q3; SJR: Q1; h-index: 112]

Special Issue: Program Collaboration and Service Integration



Public Management Review  [Taylor & Francis; JCR: Q2; SJR: Q2; h-index: 56]

Special Issue: Service User Involvement in Healthcare


Special Issue editors: Graeme Currie, Warwick Business School; Nellie El Enany, Warwick Business School; Martin Kitchener, Cardiff Business School


Substance Use and Misuse [Marcel Dekker; JCR: Q3; SJR: Q2; h-index: 90]

Special Issue: Drugs, Wars, Soldiers and Veterans

Date: 06/01/2012 Abstract due


Graphic Memoirs on Mental Health Problems and the Psychiatric System


Editors: John Stuart Clark & Theodore Stickley


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