Calls for Papers

Acta Psychologica  SPECIAL ISSUE: Temporal Processing Within and Across Senses

Advances in School Mental Health Promotion  SPECIAL ISSUE: Applications of Pediatric Psychology in the School-Based Setting

Aging & Mental Health  SPECIAL ISSUE: Asian Families and Well-Being in Later Life

Aging & Mental Health   SPECIAL ISSUE:  Dementia and Dementia Care in Asia

Disability Studies Quarterly SPECIAL ISSUE:  Improving Feminist Philosophy and Theory by Taking Account of Disability


 Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care  (UK)

Evolutionary Psychology  SPECIAL ISSUE:  Evolutionary Developmental Psychology

 International Journal of Nursing Studies  SPECIAL ISSUE: Care of the Older Person

International Review of Social Psychology SPECIAL ISSUE: New Practices and Connections Between Science, Technology and Society: the Relevance of the Psychosocial Contribution


Journal of Aging & Social Policy  SPECIAL ISSUE: Age‐Friendly Cities

  Journal of General Internal Medicine   SPECIAL ISSUE: Women Veterans’ Health and Health Care

 Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services   SPECIAL ISSUE: HIV Care and Prevention in Adolescents and Emerging Adults

 Journal of Media Psychology  SPECIAL ISSUE:  The Role of Media in Health Communication

 Journal of Medical Ethics /  Sexually Transmitted Infections SPECIAL ISSUE: Criminalizing Contagion

  • DEADLINE:12/14/2012
  • The use of criminal law to respond to infectious disease transmission has far-reaching implications for law, policy and practice. It presupposes co-operation between clinicians and criminal justice professionals, and that people who infect others can be effectively and fairly identified and brought to justice. There is a potentially difficult relationship between criminal justice and public health bodies, whose priorities do not necessarily coincide. We are interested in receiving papers of broad interest to an international readership of medical ethics scholars and practicing clinicians on any of the following topics:
  • Legislative and policy reform on disease and sexually transmitted infections
  • Health services and the police: privacy, state interference and human rights
  • Evidence and ethics: prosecuting ‘infectious’ personal behaviours
  • Clinicians and the courts: the role of health professionals and criminal justice
  • The aims of criminalization and public health: a compatibility problem?
  • International comparative studies on disease and criminalization: policy, practice and legal issues

 Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities  SPECIAL ISSUE: Topics Related to the World Report on Disability

 Journal of School Health  SPECIAL ISSUE: Childhood Obesity

Journal of the Department of Behavioural Sciences (University of West Indies)  SPECIAL ISSUE: Health, Well-Being and Development in the Caribbean

 Palliative Medicine   SPECIAL ISSUE: Family Carers in Palliative Care

 Palliative Medicine  SPECIAL ISSUE: Understanding of Palliative Care in Non-Malignant Disease


Research on Social Work Practice   SPECIAL ISSUE: A Critical Appraisal of the DSM-5: Social Work Perspectives

 School Psychology Forum SPECIAL ISSUE: Reading Interventions in the Classroom

School Psychology Forum SPECIAL ISSUE: Evaluations of School-Wide or Large Group Interventions

 School Psychology Forum: SPECIAL ISSUE: Providing Educational and Psychological Services for Foster Care and Adopted Students

School Psychology Forum SPECIAL ISSUE: Technology and School Psychology

 School Psychology Forum SPECIAL ISSUE: The Practice of Neuropsychology in the Schools

Translational Behavioral Medicine SPECIAL ISSUE: Multiple Health Behavior Change Research: Advances and Challenges


Call for Manuscripts: Springer Series on Human Exceptionality

  Call for Manuscripts: Disability, Human Rights, and Humanitarianism

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